• Would You Like To...

    ✅ Work out in small groups
    ✅ Join a gym with no egos, no crowds
    ✅ Understanding staff. No judgement
    ✅ Tackle 'Gymxiety' with a PT in every session
    ✅ Do strength + conditioning - tailored for your level or sport-specific needs.
    ✅ Feel healthier + stronger
    ✅ Have accountability - to stick with it

    Have CONNECTION - Join our community from all over West Auckland, Te Atatu and Henderson, some further!

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    With us, you'll feel at ease getting back into the gym.
    Your PT, Community + Private FB Group supports you.

  • 3 x SGPT - PERSONAL TRAINING (per week)

    Every small group session, a PT will be there to work with you through your new program.


    Incinerate, Functional Strength Training, Mobility Flow, Box HIIT


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$149 - 28 DAY Full Access Membership

What You Get...

⭐ Meet & Greet
⭐ 1 x 45min WOF Strategy Session
-Goal Setting
-Movement Screen
⭐ 1 x PT program - customised, bespoke for your needs.
⭐28 Day Full Access Membership
⭐ 3 x SGPT per wk (personal training in our small group format).
⭐ Unlimited Group Classes
⭐ Nutrition Guidance
⭐ Free Habit/ Food Diary App
⭐2 Week & 4 Week Follow-Up
⭐ Support! A PT in every session, community, & private FB Group.

⭐AMAZING VALUE - Package is worth $450

(Available to new or past members of our gym. Not available for existing members.)
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"While I have lost 4kg,
the biggest change has been in how I feel about myself.

I feel the strongest I have ever felt in my legs. I have less knee pain - caused from my arthritis.

I'm way more balanced and have a lot more energy than ever before."

Rachel M.

"In one month I lost 30 cm!
I have my eating dialed in and now my workouts. I love it.

The team at this gym is nothing but amazing.

They believed in me when I didn’t and for that I am grateful."

Tammy A.

"I joined this gym 3 months ago, and it's been a game-changer for me.

The coaches are incredibly supportive, the programs are personalised to each member, the atmosphere is motivating.

I've never seen a gym bring people together like this before, and I highly recommend this gym to anyone looking to reach their fitness goals."

Hayley T.

"Thank you so much for your encouragement, I feel so proud of myself"

Alice M.

“I have been training with Joe for well over 2 years.

I have grown massively in the time I’ve spent with him through strength, mobility and a new found love for boxing.

He has become not just a trainer, but a mate.”

Alfie C.

"I signed up to become a member because the focus was not on ‘failure’.

Success was celebrated, small and big, and spread like gossip (I say with a smile on my face).

AJG trainers are passionate about and invested in their gym members and wider community’s emotional/physical and mental well-being."

Petro S.

“Thank you very much, had a great time tonight. Best coach teaching technique and encouragement.”

Janine S.

"Bro thank you so much...I feel like I might have just turned a corner finally."

Mathew B.

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WOW! Do I really get 3 x PT sessions per week?


You’ll get access to 3 x small group PT sessions per week during your RECLAIM YOUR FITNESS 28 day Membership.
These are PT sessions (in our small group format) are also known as SGPT.

We recommend aiming for 2-3 x SGPT - Small Group Personal Training Sessions EVERY WEEK.

You can book your SGPT sessions via an app. Check our schedule here.

You’ll have access to unlimited group classes:

Incinerate (HIIT/Circuit), FST (Functional Strength Training), Box HIIT, Mobility Flow. More on group classes here.

If you prefer 1:1 PT sessions, see here.

What is SGPT?

✅ SGPT stands for Small Group Personal Training

For the full details click here.

✅ It's a 45min work out with a personal trainer in a small group format.

✅ No crowds

✅ You receive a CUSTOM PT programme tailored to your fitness goals

✅ Personalised attention, technique & form correction each session

✅ Accountability, support every session

✅ As you get stronger, reach goals, you have regular check-in sessions to upgrade your programme

✅ Advantage of seeing a PT multiple times a week - at a lower cost than traditional 1:1 sessions

I want to sign up, what happens next?

1️⃣Click the sign up button. Fill out your details and we will be in touch.

2️⃣ We'll book your FREE 45min 1:1 strategy session with one of our PTs at our gym in West Auckland.

3️⃣ Now, let's meet! We'll meet you at the gym at your appointment time. We'll show you around, have a chat about your fitness goals.

4️⃣ Wear comfortable gym clothes to this session; we'll do some movement assessment, maybe even a mini work out.

5️⃣ We'll answer any questions, and make sure you're feeling good about how to book yourself into SGPT sessions and group classes via the app.

6️⃣ Come to your first SGPT! We'll give you your own custom programme which we have created.

Your PT will take you through all the exercises. Next session you follow your programme under the guidance of a PT.

7️⃣ Try some group classes. They are fun, challenging, social and ideal if you want to add cardio, HIIT to your fitness routine.

Every week you can book:
3 x small group PT
Unlimited group classes

You will be given access to tools that can help you build habits and achieve your goals.

◾ Average Joes Gym App with FREE food diary/calorie counter
◾ Nutrition Guidance
◾ Access to our private, supportive FB Community
◾ 2 Week Check-in Session with your PT, + programme adjustment if required.

Check our timetable here.

Still have questions? Send us a message.

Can I join RECLAIM YOUR FITNESS if I'm an ex Gym Member?

This package is open to new members and returning friends/ex-Invigorate or ex-Average Joes Gym members, not currently enrolled.