Photo of Joe Merrall

    Joe Merrall

    Level 3 Coach

    My name is Joe Merrall, I’ve been a fitness instructor and personal trainer the fitness industry for over 17 years.

    Throughout my career, I’ve had the honour of assisting hundreds of people (average Joes to athletes) achieve results & become the best versions of themselves. I love witnessing firsthand the transformative power of fitness.

    I’m passionate about movement for mental health, mobility, stability, boot camps, strength and conditioning training. I’m excited to bring my experience and knowledge to our gym.


    Celleste Wilson

    Level 3 Coach

    A dedicated fitness professional with over 11 years’ experience, Celleste is driven by a passion for enhancing live through exercise.

    Certified in personal training, fitness instructing and coaching, she enjoys Kettle Bells, Boxing, TRX, and Group fitness.
    Celleste thrives on guiding clients through transformative fitness journeys to realise their full potential.
    Her experience extends to supporting individuals struggling with mental health
    issues and anxiety, fostering holistic well-being.

    As a breast cancer survivor, she understands the recover process of long term illness and is she is well-equip to help cancer patients and survivors reclaim their fitness.
    Celleste possesses an extraordinary ability to connect with her clients, with genuine care, and a gentle approach, in order to help them with their health and fitness journey.
    Beyond the gym, Celleste finds solace in beach walks, cherishing family moments, and the companionship of her beloved dog.

    Andrew Johnson

    Level 1 Coach

    Meet Andrew Johnson, your certified personal trainer with a positive mindset and a genuine passion for health and fitness.

    Andrew's own personal journey into wellness sparked his commitment to supporting others on their transformative paths. Through subtle yet impactful adjustments, he experienced significant improvements in mental, physical, and emotional aspects, fostering a lasting positive outlook on life.
    Balancing modern and traditional fitness principles, he offers a practical perspective to instill a transformative mindset and guide you towards your goals.

    Beyond the gym, Andrew advocates for the preventive power of exercise against metabolic and cognitive diseases. His holistic approach extends to a toolkit with in-depth nutritional knowledge, sleep optimisation, effective recovery techniques, and expertise in energy and hormone regulation.

    In his free time, Andrew delves into understanding the brain and human physiology, enjoys running, weightlifting, and creates nutritious meals from scratch. Andrew consistently updates his knowledge and skills to tailor your training for specific needs and goals.
    Join Andrew on a journey where fitness becomes a catalyst for a healthier, more fulfilling life.

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