All Classes are 45mins long.

    Our group training classes fun, challenging and offer a wide variety of exercises and movement to your fitness routine.

    Classes are led by Personal Trainers who offer expert guidance in a supportive environment.

    Here's a quick glance at what each class has to offer.


      Intense calorie burning workout

      Incinerate is a dynamic blend of traditional circuit training and HIIT (high-intensity interval training).

      Incinerate will increase your heart rate, make you sweat and improve your fitness. It's an exciting, fun, full-body challenge, physically and mentally.

      Classes offer a wide variety of exercises, thanks to Joe's 10 unique programs, each with no less than three variations.

    • FST

      Functional Strength Training

      FST (Functional Strength Training) focuses on specific strength and mobility skills.

      Ideal for those that enjoy functional exercise, weight training and building strength with body weight exercises.

      Classes focus on metabolic conditioning and seamlessly weave in skill-building exercises to ensure you continually improve, achieve and level up.


      Unlock Your Body's Full Potential

      Mobility Flow is a unique fusion of mobility exercises, functional fitness, core stability, yoga flow, stress release, and primal movement.

      Mobility Flow is the perfect complement to our strength and HIIT classes.

      It's more than a class; it's a holistic approach to improve mobility for longevity, stability, and enhancing overall well-being.

    • Average Joes Gym Box HIIT

      BOX HIIT

      Punch, Sweat, Repeat

      Box-HIIT combines the art of boxing with high-intensity interval training - A unique fusion of skill-building and intense cardio.

      Enjoy diverse workout styles within each of our themes:
      ◾ Legendary: Flagship class with classic combos and HIIT blocks for variety.
      ◾ HIIT-Remix: Emphasises HIIT exercises within the boxing session with simpler combos for fluid movement.

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