PT - Personal Training 1:1

Personal training 1:1 is where exclusivity meets exceptional results.

Time poor individuals? Book in at a time that suits your schedule.

▶Reach your goals faster, with one-on-one focus, accountability and support.

✅Lose weight, lose fat
✅Build strength
✅Sport-specific goals
✅Recovery + rehabilitation

1:1 Personal Training Starter Deal

  • Level 3

    Coaches with 10yrs + Experience

    One-off: $110
    Membership: $100 per session
    (Minimum 4 Sessions - Once a week or once a fortnight)

    Bonus: UNLIMITED OPEN GYM sessions when you are on a PT Membership.

  • Level 1

    PTs with up to 5yrs Experience

    One-off: $88
    Membership: $80 per session
    (Minimum 4 Sessions - Once a week or once a fortnight)

    Bonus: UNLIMITED OPEN GYM sessions when you are on a PT Membership.

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Photo of Joe Merrall

Level 3

Joe Merrall

▪ NZ Qualified and Industry Registered
▪ 17 Years Experience
▪ Mobility for Longevity
▪ Functional Strength Training
▪ Certified Yoga Instructor
▪ Martial Arts-specific Strength & Conditioning
▪ Animal Flow & Primal Movement Coach
▪ Movement for Mental Health
▪ Weight Loss Transformation
▪ Certified Nutrition Coach

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Level 3

Celleste Wilson

▪ NZ Qualified and Industry Registered
▪ 11 Years Experienced
▪ Certified Kettle Bell Instructor
▪ Strength and Conditioning
▪ Boxing, TRX, HIIT, Group Fitness
▪ Weight Loss Transformation
▪ Motivation & Accountability
▪ Strength & Fitness during Peri, Pre to post Menopause

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Level 1

Andrew Johnson

▪ NZ Qualified and Industry Registered
▪ Weight Loss
▪ Long-Term Weight Management
▪ Stability and Corrective Exercise
▪ Body Transformation
▪ Strength Development and Muscle growth in Men and Women
▪ Recovery, Nutrition and Wellbeing Coach

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Level 1

Spencer Southam

▪ Certified Personal Trainer for All Ages & Fitness Levels
▪ Coaching Expertise in Strength & Conditioning, Functional Movement, Body Building, Weight Loss.
▪ Creates Holistic Fitness Plans Tailored to Your Level & Goals.
▪ Experienced in Sports Performance Training for Adults, Youth & Teens.
▪ Builds Confidence & Improves Mental Well-being Through Fitness
▪ Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Purple Belt Instructor Background
▪ Supportive and Approachable Coach
▪ Passionate About Coaching You and Your Family Achieve Lifelong Fitness

Personal Training 1:1 FAQ

What's the Difference Between 1:1 PT and SGPT (Small Group PT)?

At Average Joes Gym, we mainly focus on SGPT (Small Group Personal). But we recognise that sometimes we want exclusive training, or a way to fast-track results and goals.
SGPT offers connection, being part of a group setting combining the benefits of individualised guidance, technique correction, accountability with the energy of a community.

On the other hand, 1:1 Personal Training is an exclusive session with your personal coach, providing undivided attention to focus solely on your unique fitness goals and journey.

Whether you thrive in a social setting or prefer one-on-one (or bring a friend and do one-on-two) support, we've got different options for you.

Is 1:1 PT Effective?

That the impact of having a 1:1 Personal Trainer is profound. It is widely known and researched topic, and according to the NZ Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) working with a personal trainer will make you fitter, stronger and increase your lean body mass more effectively than working out in an exercise facility or club on your own.

With undivided attention, personalised programming, and expert guidance - experience faster results, stay accountable!

Our Personal Trainers are your partners in success.

Are your Personal Trainers Qualified and Registered?

Absolutely! At Average Joes Gym, our Personal Trainers are not just passionate fitness enthusiasts; they're NZ qualified, experienced, and all registered with the New Zealand Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs).

You're in the capable hands of professionals who love helping our people achieve their fitness goals.

What Qualities am I looking for in a Good Personal Trainer?

A good Personal Trainer goes beyond counting reps. They inspire, educate, and adapt to your unique needs.

At Average Joes Gym, our Personal Trainers are the perfect blend of expertise, motivation, and empathy.

They genuinely listen, understand, support and guide you towards sustainable fitness and health goals.