Discover the Power of Small Group Personal Training

Discover the Power of Small Group Personal Training

Kia Ora! Are you on the hunt for a fitness routine that combines personalised attention with a social and dynamic group atmosphere? Where coaches don’t smash you with crazy HIIT workouts or break you with unsustainable programs. At Average Joes Gym, we are all about training for longevity, working around and with injuries and improving members quality of life: Physically, mentally and socially.

Look no further, Average Joes Gym in West Auckland specialises in small group training, functional fitness for all ages with focus on over 40s. In this blog, we'll dive into the concept of small group personal training, provide you with some examples, answer the question is it worth it, and highlight the differences between small group personal training and group exercise. So if you want to be part of something truly special, feel free to flick us a message. We'd love you to join the Whānau. Let's go!

What is Small Group Personal Training?

Small group personal training is a unique and effective fitness approach that offers the best of both worlds. It combines the individualised guidance of 1:1 personal training with the sense of belonging/community and energy of a small group setting. In our sessions, you'll work closely with our trainers while benefiting from the motivation and support of our Average Joe Gym Whānau. It's like having a personal trainer and workout mates rolled into one.

Examples of Small Group Personal Training

So what does a typical session actually look like?

At Average Joes Gym there's a variety of small group personal training options tailored to different fitness levels and goals; we always account for your story, goals and plan PT so you move well with injuries. Keeping that in mind, whether you're interested in high-intensity interval training (HIIT), strength and conditioning, or functional training, we’ve got you. Imagine being able to do your customised PT designed work outs but also working together with a small group to tackle circuits, push your limits, and smash your fitness goals!

Is Small Group Training Worth It?

Absolutely! Small group personal training offers so many advantages. Not only do you receive personalised attention, technique and form correction from our skilled trainers, but you also gain the motivation that comes from training alongside like-minded individuals. The environment is supportive, non-judgemental; accountability happens because we are connected as a community.

Small group PT also makes financial sense, which means you can come multiple times a week, have your personal training - all for less than the price of a standard 1:1 PT session.

We are big on working with non-gym people or if the idea of the gym just gives you anxiety, we are the place for you. Small group and trainers can keep you consistently engaged and motivated and it gives us joy when you can achieve progression and reach fitness milestones.

Difference Between Personal Training and Group Exercise

Personal training typically involves 1:1 sessions with a dedicated trainer who tailors workouts to your specific goals and needs. We have that option for those that really want it. It’s great as a check in or if you want to hyperfocus on technique or really need accountability in the early days when you’re reclaiming your fitness.

On the other hand, our group classes, while still led by our coaches / personal trainer, follows a structure created by Joe. He is a master programmer, and you will always be engaged in your work outs. Small group personal training bridges the gap by providing individualised attention within a small group setting. You'll receive customised guidance while sharing the experience with a supportive team, this is great if you have any injuries or conditions, we can tailor your work out so you get the best out of your gym time and stay engaged.

The Concept of Group Personal Training

Group personal training focuses on the power of collaboration. It's about harnessing the energy and encouragement of a small group to push your boundaries and achieve results you might not have thought possible. The workouts are designed to challenge each participant at their own level, ensuring that everyone benefits from a personalized fitness experience.
Ready to Experience the Difference?

If you're seeking an engaging and effective fitness solution, our small group personal training sessions at Average Joes Gym are the perfect fit. Embrace the benefits of personalised attention, group motivation, and expert guidance all in one dynamic package. Join us today and discover the transformative impact of group personal training on your fitness journey.
Get in touch with us to learn more about our small group personal training offerings and how we can help you reach your fitness goals.

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