Kick Start Summer Challenge '23 Details + Timetable

Kick Start Summer Challenge '23 Details + Timetable

AJ Gym 6 Week Transformation Challenge - 30 OCT 2023 - 09 DEC 2023

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Summer is coming! It's the perfect time to refocus and revitalise yourself, get lean and fit for the beach or pool!

Say goodbye to winter habits and hello to a brand new you. Join us in our six-week 'Kick Start Summer Challenge’ starting on 30 October 2023.

The Average Joes Gym 6 week Challenge is our flagship transformation challenge.

At its core, The Challenge is a habit-based nutrition and exercise programme designed to help our challenge members create healthy, sustainable habits they can keep for life. The challenge is all about helping members develop healthy relationships with not only themselves but also nurturing and fostering the relationships and sense of community within Average Joes Gym.


What: Initial Assessment and Testing Day
When: Saturday 28th October 2023 11:30am~1:00pm
What to expect: Coaches will help you with goal setting, take all your measurements, photos, you'll collect your goodie bags, with optional add-ons available - such as body composition health scans with plateau breaking tips, and protein pack collection.

Details will be updated on our Facebook group closer to the date. (We will be sharing bonus content and hosting LIVE coaching events leading up to and throughout the programme). FB group details emailed out once you have signed up.

Who it’s for?
Absolutely everyone! We want as many people on the challenge as possible. No matter what their goals are, there is something to suit everyone.

What's included?

🔥 6 Weeks Membership at Average Joes Gym*
🔥 Access to Average Joes Challenge App
🔥 Personal Accountability and Challenge Coach
🔥 Personalised Workout Programme
🔥 Nutrition Guidance
🔥 Habit Tracker
🔥 Goal Setting
🔥 Fun Challenges, Workshops + Prizes
🔥 Entry Ticket to a Mystery (Week 6) Final Challenge
🔥 Support from like-minded individuals from the Average Joes Gym Community

*Current Members - Challenge Membership upgrade to:
⭐ 3 x PT Sessions (in our Small Group PT format) per week
⭐Unlimited Group classes like HIIT, Mobility, Functional Strength Training, BOX HIIT etc

What’s so unique about Average Joes Challenges?

Here’s where we differ from other challenges offered at other gyms. We want to veer away from the extreme aspects that make up a vast majority of weight loss/ body composition challenges you may see on offer at well-known gyms. With our challenge, we will be focusing on personalised sustainable habits our members can maintain for life. Here are some unique things we want you to know about this challenge, that set us apart;

🌟 What makes us SPECIAL

• 🐟 Habit-Based Approach: Learn sustainable nutrition choices! We’ve designed this challenge to give members a sense of ownership and freedom over their own nutrition as opposed to giving members a meal plan they cannot sustain for life. (It’s the difference between giving a fish and teaching someone how to fish)

• 📊 Personalisation: Your goals, your programme. Each members goals will be different, we aren’t about delivering a cookie cutter programme to everyone. Every member gets their own programme.

• 🤝 Accountability: We’ll allocate you a coach for regular check-ins and guidance, programme tweaks and assessments to ensure you’re heading in the right direction.

What’s in it for you?
1.💪 Improved Fitness: You can expect increased strength, stamina, and overall fitness.
2.🏋️‍♀️ Weight Management: Helps in weight loss or maintenance, promoting a healthier body composition.
3.🍏 Healthier Lifestyle: Encourages long-term habits for better health and well-being.
4.⚡ Increased Energy: Regular exercise and balanced nutrition leds to more energy. Real talk!
5. Better Mental Health & Well-being: Exercise releases endorphins, reducing stress, boosting our mood and hauora.
6.🤝 Social Support & Accountability: We’re so proud of our gym community; together we motivate each other and hold space for each other. Come see for yourself!
7.🎂 Age and Ability Appropriate: No cookie cutting here! Everyone has their story, including injuries and capabilities; we are here to challenge you We look at the whole you, the whole person when tailoring your programme and experience and specialise🎯 on those over 40.
8. 🌱 Long-Term Sustainability: Focuses on habits that can be maintained beyond the 6-week

What you will receive:
1. For 6 weeks, we will help provide a structured timeframe to focus on your fitness goals.
2. 📱 Programming: every member gets a personalised programme delivered through the Average Joes app.
3. 🥗Progressive Nutrition Programme: The nutrition programme is designed to be drip-fed out to members to ensure it is easy to understand and implement setting them up for success.
4. 🎉Fun and Informative Workshops and Events: We have an AMAZING line-up, including: A nutrition and lifestyle seminar, military bootcamp, self-defense workshop, a mystery end-of-challenge surprise… and much more.
5. 🏋️‍♂️ Expert Guidance: We have the best team of certified fitness coaches leading you on this journey.
6. 🤗 Group Support: Participants join a community of like-minded individuals.
7. 📈 Progress Tracking: Provides tools for monitoring fitness and nutrition progress. We’ll also be lining up optional extras such as body composition
8. 📋 Personalized Assessments: Initial assessments to tailor the program to individual needs.
9. 🏆 Weekly Team Challenges: Things are more fun when you work out together. It’ll keep you motivated and engaged.

Our challenges are a journey, it’s about habit forming and teaching 🎣 you to fish rather than giving you a fish🐟.
Anyone can give someone a meal plan but we can teach our participants how to plan.

Together, we'll make this summer your best one yet, as you take charge of your fitness journey to set the course for a brighter, healthier you.

What does the Challenge Cost?

🍎Members: $249.00🍎

🍏Non-Members: $249.00🍏

✅ 3 x 45min Personal Training sessions per week (in our Small Group Personal Training (SGPT)) format AND
✅ Unlimited group classes - Incinerate, Box HIIT, FST, Open Gym and Mobility Flow.

Terms and Conditions:
Members - The Kick Start Challenge has a one-off cost of $249, this is additional to your usual weekly membership fee.

Non-Members - The Kick Start Challenge has a one-off cost of $249, with an additional charge at a special rate of $268 for the 6 wk challenge. This includes: 3 x PT in our small group format per week + unlimited group classes at Average Joes Gym. Total $517!

📣Flexible payment arrangements available📣
Happy to work out and overcome any barriers so you can participate!

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 Join us today 🙌 and let's make this transformation happen.

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