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✅Want Strength + Conditioning to complement your running or sports?
✅Issues with injury, health, recovery?
✅Post serious illness or life event?
✅ Need Accountability?

Let's Reclaim Your Fitness, Together.
Read FAQ below on what to expect at your WOF Strategy Session.

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What's a WOF?

An Average Joes Gym 'WOF' is a 'Warrant of Fitness' strategy session. It's free for non-members.

We need 45min of your time. Come in comfy gym clothes. It's a 1:1 session with a Personal Trainer who will sit with you, do some movement screening, an assessment so we understand where you are and learn where you want to go.

Everyone is unique, so we'll suggest the best plan for you to reclaim your fitness.


1️⃣ Either instantly book a session in the widget on this page or Contact Us if times don't suit you.

We know it's hard, and there never seems to be a 'right time' to get started, but you will succeed with Average Joes Gym. RECLAIM YOUR FITNESS now.

2️⃣ We'll meet and greet you at the gym at your booked time. We'll show you around, have a chat about your fitness goals.

3️⃣ Wear comfortable gym clothes to this 1:1 session; we'll be with you EVERY step of the way, we'll do some movement assessment, even a mini work out.

4️⃣ Great! NEXT, we'll answer any questions, and make sure you're feeling good about what the next steps in your own fitness journey might look like.

5️⃣ We want to get you feeling confident enough to hit mainstream classes. you may want to do 1:1 with our $99 Starter Deal, or join Reclaim Your Fitness 28 day membership.