Gymmaster Retirement, Mindbody Launch 🚀

Gymmaster Retirement, Mindbody Launch 🚀

Important Announcement for Average Joes Gym Members

FAREWELL Gymmaster👋,
Hello Mindbody!🔥

Kia Ora, Average Joes Whānau!

Our booking platform is changing! We'll have a brand new app ready next week for you to manage your gym bookings!

1. Transition Details:

  • We're bidding farewell to GymMaster on April 24, 2024, and moving to a new platform, MINDBODY.
  • The MINDBODY app will be available for download this coming weekend, either Friday, April 18th, or Saturday, April 19th. Stay tuned for the link!
  • Don't worry, pretty much all of the details from the old app is being transferred over, including future bookings. We want you to be able to download and pick off relatively where you left off.

2. Membership Pricing and Billing Changes:

  • Your existing membership prices are locked in, with no changes. No worries, we've got you.
  • One key update is everyone's billing dates will move to Thursdays. Don't worry if this impacts you – we'll be in touch to assist with the transition over the next couple weeks.
  • Anyone with Credit Card Direct Debit will need to input their credit card details into the app's wallet, but those with bank account direct debit can sit back and relax as we've taken care of that transfer for you.

3. Support and Assistance:

We're in this together! If you need help navigating the new platform:

  • Post your questions in the FB Whānau group.
  • Talk to our coaches at the gym.
  • Contact us at 0272501616 or for ongoing support or an appointment to sit down and go through it all.

4. Reason for Switch:

We made the switch to MINDBODY for a more user-friendly experience and streamlined management of memberships. It really helps give our team structure, allows us to communicate with you all faster and doesn't hurt that the app looks crisp and is super functional too! Oh là là!

5. Key Dates:

  • Fri 18 April / Sat 19 April:

    MINDBODY app available for download! Woohoo!🚀
    Check your inbox for Average Joes Gym updated Ts & Cs and agreements in some cases. You'll have plenty of time to review the document, it's pretty standard and very similar to the old one with Invigorate, however we need to update some agreements to Average Joes Limited.

  • Thu 24 April:

    GymMaster retired. 😭 MINDBODY platform officially launched🚀.

Remember, we're here to guide and support you every step of the way. Thank you for being part of the Average Joes Gym Whānau!

Feel free to share this information with our members, and let us know if there's anything else we can assist with. 💪

Have questions? Please contact us HERE.


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