🏋️‍♂️ Feb News | 🔄 Reset Challenge 24 | 💪 Reclaim Your Fitness in 28 Days

🏋️‍♂️ Feb News | 🔄 Reset Challenge 24 | 💪 Reclaim Your Fitness in 28 Days

Kia ora Fitness Whānau!

Welcome to February 2024! We hope you've had an amazing holiday, loads of BBQs & yummy kai with friends & Whānau.

We've kicked into 2024 with RESET 24, a short 28 day sprint starting on 17 FEB, aimed to get you back on track. We have exciting plans and of course, always embracing the spirit of fitness whanaungatanga with open arms. 

Exciting Happenings at Average Joes:

  • Monthly Member Socials: Our kickoff at the Hangar was a hit! So good —we can’t wait to connect with you all at the next social event!
  • Innovative Programs: We're working on something special, a new initiative to empower pre-teen and early teen girls with the power of functional fitness, strength, and conditioning, watch this space. We're also partnering with Live Stronger for Longer for fall prevention classes for over 65s. Plus, keep an eye out for our upcoming weekend wellness and fitness Master Classes!

Back to Routine:

We know how challenging it can be to jump back into our routines after the holidays. Whether you're finding it tough to resume your routine or just need an extra push, we've got your back.

Upcoming Challenges:

  • RESET CHALLENGE 24: Starting 17 FEB! This 28-day sprint of a challenge is your chance to reset, detox and get back on track with your health and fitness.
    This challenge, you’ll get a full blueprint to follow. Includes meal plans, grocery lists, lifestyle protocols to build great habit, goal-seeking and motivation to shake off behaviours that no longer serve you.

    The best part of RESET is access to 4 exclusive workshops we have locked in -our first one is Boxing Technique with Pro Boxer and 2022 NZ ISKA Champion Jerome 'Pinkfilla' Pascua. Learn more here and secure your spot now!

Why Join? It's all about refreshing your habits and starting the year strong. We designed RESET to help you detox and redefine your wellness routine. Ready for a change? Read more about RESET.

Lastly, a shout to past Invigorate members or new members who have yet to join. This is your sign to get back to the most amazing small-group fitness gym community in West Auckland!

Have you been thinking about getting back to the gym?
Do you feel you aren’t at your best or full potential?
Need a nudge back into fitness but not sure where to start? Don't watch the world go by, our 28 day membership - RECLAIM YOUR FITNESS is perfect for you.

Come back on a 28-day membership with commitment to change and you will receive so much support, accountability and flexibility to fit your pace. Read more about RECLAIM.

This is going to be a great year for us all, and we are so stoked to be part of your journey and for you to be part of ours.

Always here if you need a chat. We love feedback, good and bad - it helps us grow and be better for you all.

Aroha nui, yours in health and fitness,

Joe and Suyin.

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