New Timetable Changes - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's happened to Customised Training?
A: Customised Training has been given a new name – Small Group Personal Training (SGPT). This new name better reflects the nature of the session.

Q: Why isn't Surge on the schedule anymore?
A: While Surge is no longer listed separately, it's still very much a part of our classes. It now falls under the Incinerate class banner, which, at its core, is all about high-intensity cardio-based HIIT workouts. The Incinerate classes offer a wide variety of experiences, thanks to 10 unique programs, each with no less than three variations. This change allows more of our members to enjoy Surge classes on days other than just Fridays.


Q: What's Box HIIT, and what happened to Fight Night?
A: Box HIIT is the new name for Fight Night. 

Box-HIIT Themes:
1. Legendary: Our flagship class with classic combos interspersed with HIIT blocks for variety.
2. HIIT-Remix: Emphasizes HIIT exercises within the session with simpler combos for fluid movement.
3. Fight: Incorporates technical combos, MMA/Muay Thai techniques, and combat conditioning for a unique workout.

Variety in Every Theme:

  • Each theme offers 3-5+ distinct workout styles.
  • You'll enjoy endless variety within each style by changing exercise selections and orders, providing both diversity and structure.


A: FST stands for Functional Strength Training. It's essentially the same class as the previous MRT class, but we renamed it to better describe the content and focus of the class.

Q: Can you tell me more about Mobility Flow?
A: Mobility Flow is not your typical gym class. It's a unique blend of mobility exercises, functional fitness, core stability, yoga flow, and primal movement, all rolled into one. We've crafted this class to cater to those looking to improve mobility, boost stability, and enhance overall well-being, making it the perfect complement, the Yin to our Yang of strength and HIIT offerings.

To learn more about Mobility Flow, read here.

Q: What's changed with Open Gym hours?

A: We've expanded Open Gym availability in the morning and plan to add more time slots in the near future. Enjoy more flexibility in your workout schedule!


STILL UNSURE? No problem!

We're always here to address any additional questions or concerns you may have. Feel free to reach out to us via phone, text message at 0272501616, email at, or simply message us in the FB Whanau Group.

Your feedback and questions are important to us ♥

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