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Huberman's AM Habit: Level Up in 3-5 Minutes a Day

Huberman's Morning Ritual for a Wellness Revolution

Can you believe that January 2024 has come to an end? Still trying to get back into a routine? You're not the only one. Post holidays blues are real. If you're like us, we really need to find ways to start the year strong, healthy and well - get back on track. 

Browsing through ways to level up our day, and find motivation to reach our goals, we've stumbled upon a gem by none other than neuroscience guru, Andrew Huberman.

Huberman's simple daily morning routine are steps for goal-setting, emotional wellness and motivation. Backed by science - What's not to like? We are ready and so here for it Daddy Huberman!

The Huberman Habit: A Morning Ritual for Success

Have you ever wondered what sets the high achievers apart from the rest? What's their secret to unlocking insane levels of success, multi-tasking life, whilst balancing their emotional health and smashing their wellness journey?

Huberman's ritual we found on insta involves simply writing up a daily list that captures five essential elements, each contributing to a holistic and thriving lifestyle. So, let's dive into this game-changing routine that's sweeping the wellness world:

1) 5 Gratitudes.
The Power of Positivity (1min)

Begin your day on a positive note. List five things you're grateful for, big or small. Whether it's your morning coffee, a smile from a stranger, or the sunrise – embrace the gratitude. This sets the tone for a day filled with positive emotions and unwavering motivation.

Tactical Tip: Keep a special gratitude notebook by your bedside. Jot down your gratitudes as soon as you wake up, and watch your positivity soar.

2) Plans for the Day.
Blueprint for Success (1min)

Ditch the vague to-do lists and cultivate a specific plan for the day. Instead of "exercise," set a goal like "complete a 30-minute HIIT session." This specificity transforms your aspirations into actionable steps, paving the way for a day of accomplishment.

Tactical Tip: Invest in a planner or use a dedicated app to organise your daily goals. Having a tangible plan makes success tangible too.

3) Any Fears or Resentments.
Release the Weight (1min)

Acknowledge your fears and resentments. By bringing these emotions to light, you free up mental space for positivity and growth. Take a moment to reflect, release, and make room for the incredible potential within you.

Tactical Tip: Create a designated "Release Journal." Use this space to pen down your fears and resentments, allowing yourself to let go and move forward.

4) Things to Watch Out For.
Navigate with Grace (1min)

Identify potential challenges for the day ahead. By anticipating roadblocks, you empower yourself to navigate through them with grace and resilience. Be it a hectic schedule or unexpected obstacles, a proactive approach ensures you stay on course.

Tactical Tip: Add a "Watch Out" section to your planner or phone app, a visual reminder to stay vigilant and adaptable.

5) Things to Strive For.
Ignite Your Passion (1min)

Fuel your ambition by defining what you strive for. Set meaningful goals that align with your aspirations. Visualise success, feel the motivation, and let the excitement of achievement drive you throughout the day.

Tactical Tip: Use a vision board to visually represent your striving points. A daily reminder of your aspirations can be a powerful motivator.

Actions are Louder than Words!

Now, you might be wondering, "How do I turn this knowledge into a tangible wellness journey?" Well, here's the exciting part – we're launching our 28 Day Reset Challenge! Starting 17 Feb 2024. This short, sharp sprint is designed to help you get back on track after the festive season, focusing on individual health and wellness goals.

It's not your typical marathon; it's a detox and spring for your well-being. The challenge concludes with a cooling-off and adjustment period, allowing you to seamlessly integrate back into your regular habits.

Ready Set Sprint! Join the Challenge!

This isn't just a challenge; it's an opportunity to reshape your habits, redefine your goals, and elevate your overall well-being. So, are you ready to make Huberman's morning ritual the cornerstone of your wellness journey?

Join our 28 Day Reset Challenge and witness the transformation from words on a page to tangible, actual realities.

Embrace progress, not perfection, and conquer each day, one mindful step at a time. 

It's ok to get a little woo woo, we want to normalise wellness for everybody, c'mon Average Joes, let's hit 2024 hard and start strong! 💪✨ #WellnessRevolution #HubermanHabit #28DayResetChallenge

Huberman's Insta Post Here.
Huberman's The Best Gratitude Practices on YouTube Here


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